July DIY Herbal Tea Bundle
July DIY Herbal Tea Bundle
July DIY Herbal Tea Bundle

July DIY Herbal Tea Bundle

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Customize your own tea and wellness with our monthly DIY herb box.
Optimized to cover a wide range of tea recipes and wellness needs.
Please Note: The Ingredients will change each month.
July’s Bundle includes:

Organic Jasmine Green Tea (.48oz): Antioxidant rich, natural caffeine, metabolism booster, known to aide body in weight management, digestive aide, increases mental focus. An anti-viral & anti bacterial that helps reduce LDL levels & has therapeutic properties.

Organic Pu-erh (.6oz): A 5 year aged black tea that is high in antioxidants, immune boosting and a great coffee replacement. Pu-erh has probiotic benefits, is a digestive aide, rich in polyphenols and aids cell repair and the reduction of heavy metals. 

Organic Mullein (.15oz): Upper respiratory aide, a lung detox as it is a mucilage that cools and soothes irritated mucus membranes. An anti viral, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, astringent and sedative. 

Organic Elderberry (.86oz): Antiviral, anti microbial, antioxidant, and cardio protective. Helps to boost the immune system and remove mucus. Great for the digestive system and preventative care. Manages fevers & helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system. 

Organic Marshmallow Root: (.37oz) Mucilage rich An anti inflammatory and carminative. Aides the digestive system & restores the integrity of the gut lining. Helps with UTI's and is a carminative (prevents & expels intestinal gas).

Organic Echinacea (.28oz): Moderates the immune system, helps prevent cold & flu & upper respiratory symptoms. Aides post viral fatigue and has anti-inflammatory properties. Manages fevers & clears congestion. Anti-viral properties. 

1 Loose Tea Steeper 
1 Loose Leaf Scooper
1 Herbal Honey of Choice 
Recipes & tea recommendations 

Approx 2.60oz of herbs total.  

Customer Reviews

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Sherica Irving
Best box EVER!!!

Y’all I can’t express enough how much this amazing box of teas helps my mom battle and beat covid!. She just ran out and has been on my head about ordering her another box. She’s in love with these teas and honey.