Sun brewed tea kit Guide for the summer.

Summer time is the perfect time to take your tea drinking to another level with a batch of sun brewed tea. We've created a sun brewed tea kit to aide in your summer wellness and to elevate your sun brewed tea experience. 

Tips for a great batch of sun brewed tea:

  • Use cold filtered water.
  • Allow the tea to steep no more than 3 hours in the sun then refrigerate immediately after adding desired sweetener.
  • Add Lemon or limes after steeping for a heightened tea experience. 
  • leave room in steeper ball for leaves to expand.
  • Steep using a clean glass container to minimize bacterial growth and to ensure toxins do not leech from plastic during steeping. 
  • Add raw honey directly after steeping or use a simple syrup to control sugar intake. (although our tea needs no sweetener, you can replace concentrated fruit juice with our teas for a healthier alternative.)

Grab your sun brew tea kit here!