Changes that are constant. Rebranding, new products, more community based services..

Peace Family!

2021 has been an interesting year in entrepreneurship for myself as this has been my first full year being my own boss (employee, accountant, marketing department, purchasing, social media manager, cleaning crew etc 🥲) & it has been a challenging yet rewarding experience to say the least. 


Official Relaunch date 2/2/22

Taylor Made Holistic is not going away just retreating into the background so that I may be able to access certain business tools I need to as it seems promoting health & wellness is frowned upon on many of the important platforms that I use. Yet while reflecting on my year I realize that change is always constant & can be a positive reward to allow the things I have started & created to flourish. So Sista Nature Teas is where you will be able to find all of your favorite blends and new ones so do not be alarmed if you do not see a fav blend no longer listed in the shop here. I have just cleaned up the shop for easier viewing while I transition (I didn't want you all seeing a bunch of sold out items to further disappoint you.) 


Upcoming events

  • Inland Empire I have a few pop ups coming soon so please subscribe to my email list or social media to receive updates. 
  • Yoga in the Park this month will be Sunday 12/26/21 @ 12 noon @ Rosena Park East in Fontana, CA. (Free Yoga, meditation & tea)

Don't ever hesitate to reach out to me with any questions as it relates to this transition or your favorite wellness blends as I am always around. I hope to see you soon! -☮️  Sista Nature T.